ANYC: 03.04

How cool is this guy?? I mean seriously. I wish I could adopt him or something.

Oh boy. I just found a site that outlines all of the thrift stores in my neighborhood. This will keep me busy.

Items that I am looking for at thrift shops:
1. typewriter
2. leather boots - high heeled, round toed, black or brown.
3. new rain jacket
4. dress shoes
5. couch
6. coffee table
7. rocking chair
8. shelves
9. coat hooks
10. vintage stoneware or milkglass.

In preparation for spring, I am am shopping for the perfect jean jacket. J.Crew will embroider your initials for free – the only stipulation being that it has be three letters.
Fully disenchanted with my initials ALG – I started looking up
three letter words. I like GEM, FOX, & MAX. But decided on MOA. Apparently a MOA is an extinct flightless bird.
I think it would be a nice conversation starter.
Hot Guy in C.P. on lunch break from his curatorial job at the Natural History Museum: “hey cute thing – I noticed MOA on your jacket? Did you know that a Moa is an extinct flightless bird?”

To be continued.......

McDonalds is sponsoring the Olympics.

Okay that alone to me, is a joke.

Lets do some numbers.

The average Olympic marathon runner will burn 1000 calories during the run.

A Quarter Pounder with cheese is 770 calories.

Oh yeah – and 47 grams of fat.

The average Olympic marathon runner is around 3.3% fat.

So who exactly will McDonalds be feeding this summer in Athens?

I often feel sad for those horses clomping up and down the avenues and throughout Central Park. In doing some research about getting a pet - I went to the ASPCA website and found this article in hopes to try to save the NYC horses.
I was on the ASPCA website, because last night I went to this focus group for potential pet owners. After they milked us for information, we were sent on our merry way with 50 bucks, and an adoption fee waiver for any pets from the ASPCA (good for 30 days).
I was in a room full of moms and other single girls. When asked the question: "What issues are swaying you away from getting a cat?", I was the only one in the room to answer:
"well two guy friends are basically telling me that I shouldn't become "that girl". You know, the girl with the cat. They want me to get a dog, because dogs make girls more attractive."
So that got a laugh. But its totally true. If I get a cat, in my current state of being single; I might as well start volunteering at the library.
So my thoughts have turned towards getting a dog.
Any suggestions on what kind of dog I should get - please email me within the next 30 days. I would like a dog that doesn't shit. I would also like a dog that doesn't do anything while I am away from the apartment. Oh, and if you know of any dogs that won't bark - that would be great too. Thanks.

I didn't know that Howard Stern was in trouble. This morning, NPR was all fuzzy. So I was flipping channels. Low and behold - KROCK & Howard Stern ranting and raving about Michael Powell from the FCC. He was saying that Michael Powell's website is the equivalence of a 16 year olds blog. Stern grew so furious about "Powell stomping out freedom of speech" that he had to go off the air, and turn the dear listener to commercials. I am not the typical Stern sympathizer. Not in the least. But this plea for freedom of speech, stirred up a change of heart.

For real, who's buying tickets to this tour?? Young girls?? All the gay men are now turning into wholesome couples - so who's left?? 40 year old Madonna whores?? Try to fit a demographic to this description of Britney's current tour:

SAN DIEGO, March 3 — Britney Spears's white terry-cloth robe dropped to the floor, revealing a sequin-covered body stocking. She stepped into a bathtub that, like her bodysuit, was see-through. In shadow to her left, like silhouettes seen through hotel room windows, men and women in beds mimed passionate sex with one another.
Beneath them a man wearing only tight white briefs splayed his legs and gyrated on a bed. After her mock bath Ms. Spears, wearing a pink bra and panties, rolled around in bed with him as two male dancers to their left took off each other's pants and danced suggestively together.
So went just a few minutes of the Onyx Hotel Tour, Ms. Spears's first roadshow in nearly two years, which opened on Tuesday night at the San Diego Sports Arena. And for a woman who has said that she's sick of being in the headlines, it's certainly designed to grab more. With a suggestive, racy show that contains very little actual singing, she seems to have outdone even her mentor, Madonna.