ANYC: 10.03

For a total of 4 bucks and a plane ticket to Texas, you can check out the new Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, TX.
excerpt from NY Times:
>>Asked how he had reacted to executions, he paused. "I don't know the right word to use," he said. "The first time was just, well, awesome, but not in a good way. They got easier as they went along, but they never got easy."<<

This picture of Texas has always reminded me of the road Tom Hanks drove to return the Fed Ex box in Cast Away.

Well, I love living alone, but there are two things that always make me rethink living alone. (or at least keep me awake all night with all the lights on, watching Say Anything for the 74th time.)
1. Bugs.
2. Wind Storms.

about number 1: Last night I found a bug in my apartment, and for the first time actually had the courage to buy those bug compartment things that you are supposed to put around the house. Congratulate me. Once, I had to beg Laurie (my roommate one year ago) to leave a bar, come back home, and kill this huge water bug that I saw on our wall. To my surprise, she did just that (well, she left the bar. but then we never found the bug - thus making my state of panic, and state of hallucination). She tried comforting me with stories about how she had to kill bugs when she lived down South. I remember not really sleeping that night, and being embarrassed because we had known each other about 4 days. The bug thing always breaks in the roomies.

about number 2: I love storms. My Mom always tells me that my Dad and I used to get excited by thunder and lighting, and go out onto the balcony and watch the storm together. I remember doing this too - but it's always fun to re-hear stories from Moms. When it's raining I will usually keep the window open - so I can hear the rain. I just don't like windy storms when I am alone. There is no one there to comfort, and that of course makes the wind gusts sound like burglars, and giant sized Bugs, and killer tomatoes attacking the apartment at 2am. Keeps me stone cold wide-awake every time.

Well my favorite band of 2003 - Queens of the Stone Age has released a new one this week. The album is called The Desert Sessions, and features my fave female - Polly Jean Harvey.
Here is a picture of Mark. He is equally obessed with Queens, and looks a little like Josh Homme.

Dear Miss Modern Age & the people that make up the reason why you always refer to yourself as "we." :

When I saw your site yesterday, my first reaction was "what?! o god, how retarded." Also, not putting a link to take the readers to the archives?
Yawn. You had a great site. Try not to get caught up in the "Its Just Not Cool to be Appreciated and Recognized" movement. Just do your thing. Obviously people enjoyed your thing, and there is nothing wrong with that. How upsetting and borderline annoying.

Confused reader with a furrowed brow,

Oh boy, its full fledge fall in New Hampshire. I feel a leaf peeking road trip on the horizon.

This is pretty fun. Incredible to realize that aside from midtown, things have not really changed since 1935.

Forget Madison Square Garden, The Merce Cunningham Dance Company will be dancing to Radiohead and Sigur Ros – live of course, and of course the tickets are sold out. The piece they will be performing is called Split Sides, the venue is the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

One more month until Elf the Movie!!! Check out the trailer! Sign up for Email Updates!

Other than being filmed in the PATH Station, "The Hardest Button to Button" video does not really make me satisfied. I think that they should have filmed it in a house in the midwest showing a couple fighting, trying to button the hardest button.